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Headquartered in the Bank of America Plaza building at the center of Guangzhou, China, supported by the branch subsidiaries in Foshan, Hongkong, Dubai, Dallas USA, FOH furniture is a full-service furniture company with experience in over 90 countries with thousands of partners.  We develop creative and cost-effective solutions across a wide breadth of industries and business sectors. Recent projects have included a high-end banking building, insurance company home office with the call center, coworking office, government building, shopping mall food courts, bistros, franchise restaurants, and many medium and small commercial furnishing projects. To translate your ideas into reality.

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Turn-key solutions for any commercial space. We will design around any configuration and space allowance. We create reception areas designed to invite and impress.

Innovative, timeless, and quality furniture. We are on the leading edge of design while maintaining excellent customer care and quality products. Your ideas or design requirements are welcomed as we wish to create your dream of perfection.

Custom design, planning, and manufacturing.  We have a global reach and will ensure your furniture fits your vision. We seek to eliminate any friction in the process of redesigning the image of your interior operation.

We pride ourselves on our full suite of furniture solutions, but our relentless pursuit of absolute customer satisfaction is what makes us unique. 

Our integrated solutions and wealth of international trade experience make personalizing your space a breeze. 

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