The executive playground: how to make your conference table work overtime

If conference rooms are the heart of the office, then the table within is the hearth.  Done properly, a conference table can inspire creativity and promote collaboration while standing in as functional art. Read below for some pointers in nailing the perfect look for your executive room.

Balance the space.  Choose a table proportional to the room and commensurate with the amount of people who will regularly utilize the space.  This is important for ensuring that your team doesn’t feel cramped.  

Pick opposing colors.  The finish of your table should be offset from the majority of the surfaces in the room.  If the ceiling and floor are drastically different, go for earthy neutral tones. Feel free to go for a bolder finish if the ceiling, walls, and floor are of a similar color.

Provide Connectivity.  Make sure that each person has access to an outlet within arms reach. Having a multi-functional power and connectivity box at the center of the table is a good idea for conference call meetings as well as presentations.

Shape your space.  The shape of your table can say a lot about a company, but don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun here.  Match the general architecture of your building it will look great.

We offer a wide range of conference tables and will work with you in selecting the perfect option.

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Post time: Sep-11-2019
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